You Will Need a Good Engineer in Cabinet Business

1. To talk to the customer directly and figure out what they need;


2. To be able to sort out the information we need for pricing a project, such as the kitchen and bathroom drawing,

specification of material and hardware, unit counts. This could save both of us pretty much time;


3. Will be able to verify our quotation sheet / part list and make sure there is no misunderstanding or mistake;


4. Will be able to go to the job site, get the measurements, location of sink and appliances. And they would be able to

 re-organize these information and minimize the unit types necessary;


5. They will be the bridge to communicate with both the architect / builder and KM Cabinetry regarding anything about the

 drawings, product details, finish and color, etc.;


6. They could make some initial drawing and original design idea to start with a project. (KM Cabinetry could react more

 efficiently when there is some rough idea at beginning)


7. They will be able to verify the final production documents we would send, finalize everything so as to start production;


8. They could also fly to China for inspection of goods if necessary;


9. When you receive the containers, they would be able to arrange unloading of goods and coordinate the installation.


10. When there is any issue with installation (for example missing panel), they would be able to talk to the installer, help

 dealing with the problem and talk to KM Cabinetry for replacement if needed.


11. They could do much more than you think they could and make all the processes of a project much smoother.


So, in a word, having a good engineer is the key to succeed in cabinet business.


Sep 4th, 2018

KM Cabinetry® Team

Dear Customer, If you hope to have a great success in cabinet business, a good engineer (or designer) in your team would be critical and super helpful. A good engineer will be able to help you deal with the following issues:
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