Cabinet Ordering Tips

1. Please make sure that you had read all the information in our PI(proforma invoice), Quotation Sheet, Drawing &

  Cabinet Specification. From these documents, you would get to know what products you will get, how much you  

  will need to pay for each item, and how soon you are going to get them delivered. If you are missing any of these

 documents mentioned, please make sure to request for it from us. If you couldn't understand any of the information from

 these documents, please feel free to request for explanation.


2. Please make sure you receive the most up-to-date version of the project documents mentioned above.


3. If you have ever done similar projects in the past, please try to send us some photos of the products for reference,  

  either during production, or after installation. This could help us understand much better of the products you need and

  the quality level that we should achieve.


4. If your project is a larger one, and you have particular installation schedule for each phase/floor of the project, please

  make sure you let us know in advance. For production efficiency, our factory tend to produce the same items or same

  unit types all in one shot, and to ship them out according to the same sequence. If that does not fit your current

 schedule, please be sure to let us know about it.


5. If your project is larger one, and you need some spare parts, please make sure to include them into your PO, or let

 us know by email. Normally they will NOT be included in our production, as we can't be sure of the quantity you need.


6. If you are planning to have your QC inspect the goods when they are ready, please let us know in advance. We will set

  up a inspection date with you, and make sure that the inspection could be done before packing. Due to the limitation of

our warehouse space, and to ensure the lead time, our factory tend to pack the products as soon as it is available.


7. If your project is not big enough to fulfill one full container, and you need to consolidate goods from several other

 factories into this shipment, please let us know your plan and connect us with your other suppliers in advance. Please

 also note that any extra cost due to the consolidation of goods is to be burden by the customer or other suppliers.


8. If it's the first time you do business with us, please check with your customer broker and let us know what custom

  documents might be needed to release the containers in your country. Normally we could provide packing list & invoice, but that might not be enough in your country.


9. Local installation is normally NOT included in our quotation or scopes of work unless otherwise specified.


Spe 4th, 2018

KM Cabinetry® Team

Dear Customers, To ensure that your project is properly handled, before placing an order, please read the following tips:
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