How to Buy Cabinets from China

1. You need to be able to get some orders locally, either from developer, builders, contractors, dealers, designers or

 house owners;


2. You need to collect necessary ordering information like the total quantity, unit drawing, cabinet spec, etc.;


3. Find a good cabinet supplier like KM Cabinetry, request for a quote and product drawing;


4. You also need to know about the international trading process and law, find a shipping agent locally, they help you out;


5. Order some samples (sample door/sample cabinet) from KM Cabinetry, so that you know what to expect;


6. You need to find some installers locally to deal with the installation of the kitchen cabinets, vanities & closets;


7. You might also need to find someone able to unload the goods from the containers when they reach the port;


8. When you got a chance, fly to China to visit us, by seeing our plant and facilities, talking to us face to face will get you

 more confidence to succeed in this business.


Sep 4th, 2018

KM Cabinetry® Team

Dear customers, If you had never ordered cabinets from China before, here are some key points you need to know in advance.
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