Customization VS Standardization

Kitchen Cabinets, Customization VS Standardization

Many of you who has been involved in this business of importing cabinets from China, would very likely be facing the problem of deciding a market strategy that either focusing on promoting customized product, or simply just sell standardized products. And of course, everything has its own pros and cons, whatever strategy you would go with, there is always advantage and disadvantage.

As manufacturer, KM Cabinetry has also been facing similar issues, we’ve been having some difficulty trying to decide which way would be more appropriate for us. We did some deep talks with some of our valuable clients, and we’ve also been sharing experience with many other factories in this field of kitchen cabinet manufacturing. So here we come up with some conclusions that we think might be of some use to you guys.

Pros & cons of customized products

1-   The best things of customized cabinets is that it will always fulfill the needs of our various end users, no matter it’s the designing of the kitchen, or the finishes of the cabinets, we could always try to create a outstanding kitchen, that sometimes our end user could show off a little bit in front of their friends.

2-   By customizing the cabinets, you could also make better use of the space, you are more likely to create a more functional kitchen by using up all the corners and gaps, that sometimes seems inevitable.

3-   People are willing to pay more for a fully customized kitchen, in this way, our dealers could expect more profit, but on the other hand, the total sales volume can never be high, cause only few end consumer could afford that price range.

4-   You would probably need to spend much more time per units of kitchen, just to go back and forth on small details with both the clients and the corresponding factory inChina. So in terms of efficiency, this can not be a very good deal.

5-   Customized cabinets would also take longer to have them delivered, since in most cases, it involves different raw material(such as melamine sheet, edge banding, wood species, hardware, etc..) that is not kept in stock in the factory. The manufacturing process would also need extra time since the cabinets are not in regular dimension or construction.

6-   The after service may be another hidden problem that would later get you into real trouble. And this is because the factory does not keep always stock of leftover material for every single project. In this case, if there’s something that you need get replacement for, and the factory run out of raw material for it, you may have to wait for another one or two month just to get a cabinet or even a small piece of filler.


Pros & cons of standard products

1-   Any cabinet company that became big and influential are making standard cabinets, and we suppose this is the only that they could spread their product all over the country or even the world. InChina, KM Cabinetry has its own brand called “Lo-sung”, and we’ve actually been doing very well by selling standard products, particularly designed for local market.

2-   With standard cabinets, we have much better chance to increase the sales volume, we have standard catalogue, standard price system, standard showrooms around the country, and all of these make it possible for our sales person to be able to sell our products with only some basic product knowledge and sales skill training.

3-   Comparing to customized cabinets, standard ones take less time on the production process, and we could even keep stock in advanced based on the market needs forecast. For local customers, It only takes 2-3 weeks from order placing to delivery.

4-   The factory would be able to bring down the cost by producing like 1000 pieces of items that are exactly the same in one shot. And since we need some many raw material each month, we also get better deal from our suppliers. So that is saying the price of standard product could be much more competitive.

5-   Bad thing about selling standard cabinets, is that everybody can do the same thing, and the market is full of homogenous products. Many of you would have to bring down the price just to stay competitive. The general margin of this field is actually getting lower year by year.

6-   Since the market is so competing, and the consumers are always picky, you will need to make sure that your products are the most extraordinary and fashionable. A great H&D team is essential to maintain your product designing, and it’s not easy to set up a team like that.

So here, you have all the great opinions and thoughts from KM Cabinetry, a experienced cabinet manufacturer that having been in this field since 2006. We hope this would give you some inspiration, and we are looking forward to hearing from you on this topic, and expecting some different viewpoints.

For more information about our company or our products, please feel free to send us emails at or call Mr. Jack(our export manager) at +86 18688137106.

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Kitchen Cabinets, Customization VS Standardization Many of you who has been involved in this busine
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